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Endline Evaluation of Catholic Relief Services’ Food for Education (FFE) project. Kandi, Benin
Endline Evaluation of Catholic Relief Services’ Food for Education (FFE) project. Kandi, Benin
Endline Evaluation of Catholic Relief Services’ Food for Education (FFE) project. Kandi, Benin

Interview during an assessment and collection of education data.

Endline Evaluation of Catholic Relief Services’ Food for Education (FFE) project. Kandi, Benin

Who are We?

The African Hub for Research and Evaluation is a Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Development Management consulting firm that provide Monitoring, Evaluation, Strategic Planning services to advance program emergency and development effectiveness. Our overriding goal is to provide technical assistance while using the best science practices available and contextualized expertise to bring the most effective ideas and approaches to enhancing everyday life. For us, making a difference is not wishful thinking. It is the goal that drives us.

We conduct our work with strict independence, objectivity and non-partisanship. The intellectual diversity of our employees enables us to bring together experts from many fields in the search for innovative answers to challenges that span the human life course. We work with higher caliber consultants around the world in every field of program emergency and development activities based on an opportunity throughout the African continent specifically and the rest of the world generally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help global social enterprises, emergency and development organizations established and operating in Africa to be more effective at improving people’s lives while alleviating the challenge of global poverty.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier Research, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Development Management technical assistance organization, guided by principles of ethical decision-making, collaboration, inclusion, and innovation while generating and using rigorous evidence that contributes to a better and more equitable world.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you with any questions you may have.

African Hub for Research and Evaluation is located in Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has different satellite offices throughout the country, especially in Lubumbashi, Goma and Bukavu. We envision to open more offices in different African Countries, starting by the Great lakes Regions and the East African Community, then the Western, Northern and Southern African countries, so that we cover the whole Africa.

We are famous for our passion to achieving greater impact on outstanding Monitoring and Evaluation support, Data collection services (both qualitative and quantitative), M&E related Trainings, Research and Evaluation planning, Data Quality Control (DQC) and Security, reports and presentations, program audits including Data Quality Assessments (DQA), Third Party Monitoring (TPM), Information Management (IM) including Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data analysis. We are distinguished by the dedication to bettering the world through compassionate and thoughtful leadership and by the quality of services we deliver specifically in program and project Design, Assessment, Data Analysis, Data Quality Assessment, Third Party Monitoring, Survey and other Monitoring and Evaluation related topics.

Up to 2021, we have collaborated on a handful of projects with international organizations in different areas such program design and evaluation and have supported many projects collecting data in different fields including, Agriculture, Health, Governance, Food Security, Nutrition, Education and much more, throughout the African Continent.  We collaborate with very experienced Evaluators, Data Analyst and Program Designers in the world who are prominent experts, industry leaders and PhD or master’s Holders.

Yes, we have a data Base of enumerators we work with throughout the African continent who are very experienced and talented, and who speak local languages spoken in the communities where data collection take place. These enumerators are male and female and are from the countries of data collection as well as are from different background and all of them are university graduates who take with us an initiation research course and sign a researcher code of conduct guide before they start their journey with us.

If you are not sure what your needs are, why not take a look at our website and choose a topic you need assistance on. Alternatively, just email and one of our employees will be happy to talk through your organization’s needs. If you already have a firm idea of what your needs are and want to know how we can help, just let us know. We’ll send you some thoughts on our pricing and discuss the methodology together.

The African Hub for Research and Evaluation is a private professional institution.

We work with a wide range of social programs, including programs for poverty alleviation‚ children at risk‚ HIV/AIDS, public health‚ eradication of informal settlements‚ domestic violence‚ drug addiction, agricultural development, or food security, nutrition, health, Education etc. We also work with people management programs (programs in big companies aimed at improving lack of skills‚ poor performance‚ organizational culture‚ etc.). Program evaluators find out if these programs work and how to improve them so that they work better.

Please direct specific questions to contact@ahre.me  and or call the number +243812727567. Please read the content of these FAQs carefully before making a general enquiry for information, as specific questions are more likely to yield useful answers.

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