AHRE (African Hub for Monitoring and Evaluation) data collection


The African Hub for Research and Evaluation is a Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Development consulting firm, that provides Monitoring, Evaluation, Strategic Planing and Data Collection services to advance program emergency and development effectiveness.

We conduct our work with strict independance objectivity  non-partisanship

About Us

Our overriding goal is to provide technical assistance while using the best science practices available and contextualized expertise to bring the most effective ideas and approaches to enhancing everyday life. For us, making a difference is not wishful thinking. It is the goal that drives us.

We conduct our work with strict independence, objectivity and non-partisanship. The intellectual diversity of our employees enables us to bring together experts from many fields in the search for innovative answers to challenges that span the human life course.

Our Services

Research and Evaluation Planning

We strategize and create a working document that describes how the program will be monitored and evaluated.

Data Collection

Developing and implementing a process for gathering information that will help our customers answer the questions they have about their program.

Data Security

We Understand and apply protective privacy measures to prevent unauthorized access to data.

AHRE (African Hub for Monitoring and Evaluation) data collection

Reports and Presentations

We develop written reports or presentations to communicate evaluation results and tell the customers’ story.

Program Audits

We determine the extent to which the customer’s program adheres to contracted requirements or pre-defined processes.

Information Management

We manage information from one or more sources.

Data Analysis

We employ statistical and/or qualitative techniques to describe, illustrate, and/or look for patterns or themes in the data.

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Where We Work

Avenue Roi Baudoin, Kinshasa DR Congo


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